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We have a solution for every challenge: cutting, grinding, cleaning, polishing and everything in between. 3M leads the way in high quality abrasive technology. You can find all 3M’s abrasive brands here: Cubitron, 3M Xtract, Scotch-Brite, SandBlaster…


It’s essential for you to get the best performance from your head protection. Helmets and head protection should come with full instructions and the manufacturer or supplier should also provide additional information. It’s imperative to always follow the manufacturer’s set instructions.


It’s important that each person finds a safety face shield that is geared towards the type of work to be done. While we offer details on all of our face shields, we know that sometimes you need to compare. 


Eye protection is protective gear for the eyes, and sometimes the face, designed to reduce the risk of injury. ye Protection PPE includes safety glasses and safety goggles designed to work with other personal protection equipment.


The effectiveness of hearing protection is reduced greatly if the hearing protectors do not fit properly, are not inserted or worn correctly, if they are worn only periodically, or if they are removed even for a short period of time. To maintain their effectiveness, the hearing protection should not be modified. Radio/music earphones or headsets are not substitutes for hearing protectors and should not be worn where hearing protectors are required to protect against exposure to noise.

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